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Good morning,

we are pleased to welcome you at the webpage of the Regional museum and gallery in Jičín.

This institution has been trying to gain, keep and make the tangible proofs about people's development and the environment in which people live accessible since the end of the 19th century. Our collections and expositions capture not only the cultural and natural values of Jičín but the development and history of the whole wider region Jičín and the southern part of the Geopark Bohemian Paradise. This wider focus gives to our museum a regional function that is included in all scientific branches represented in our museum.

The museum is strongly focused on the visitor whom we are trying to create such ambience where he would feel well and absorbing information will not be seem as boring but as a remarkable and exceptional experience. Our museum is shaped into "Museum of play" which is understood that the visit of our museum should be a play for our visitor. Play of finding information, play of perception, play of knowledge... Thanks to such oriented museum exposition has the Regional museum and gallery in Jičín been awarded by the most prestigious inland price – the first place in the Gloria Musealis contest in 2003.

You can find a virtual tour of our permanent expositions on our website as well as information about our temporary exhibitions. You can find more information for visitors under the section Information if you are thinking about visiting us.

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Novou publikaci, která podrobně studuje stavbu Valdštejnovy rezidence, dnes spíše známou jako "jičínský zámek".

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July – August: 9:00 – 18:30
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September – June: closed on Mondays.

Daily except Monday: 9:00 – 17:00


Regionální muzeum
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